40 weeks and 3 days pregnant


im 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant and not showing any signs at all of anything happening
i have an appointment on thursday with the consultant at the hospital
does anyone know where i stand on asking to be enduced dont think i could think of going another week over before they give me a date

thanks for any advice on this as im not sure what happens now just sit and wait


  • I was induced at 11 days over last time, I'd burst into tears when talking to my midwife and she got on the phone and booked me in for the earliest possible time. I was exhausted from lack of sleep and the weather was so hot.

    All the best, Denise xx
  • I went to a labour class tonight it depends on your hospitals policy.. mine won't let you go over 41 weeks.. so you can phone and check with them so you are prepared to argue your case for your appointment if they say two weeks over!? good luck! x
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