Advice needed please girlies.....

Hi girls...Hope you are all as well as can be.....

I have 8 days left and was nearly on my way to hospital as hadn't felt baby move since 3pm yday but had a hot bath a while ago and saw some movements, really hard to feel them now as bambino must be very squashed so bambino fine and I'm happy . I noticed that my right boob is leaking......

Does anybody know if it is ok for me to try out my breast pump on it?? Hoping it might help things speed up!!!

Katie and bambino.x x x


  • Oh I dont know Katie, dont think you should cos it might bring your milk through and then baby wont get any of the good colostrum when its born as that only last a couple of days before milk comes in.
  • I agree with JMP, I wouldn't.
    I leaked for about 4 weeks prior to labour on my 1st and doc said it was norm.
  • No, don't Katie, jmp is right, it could mess up your natural production when baby arrives. Only 8 days to go, hang in there girl!

    32+1. xx
  • Ok I will hang on in there!!!

    Thanks for the advice girlies....Gonna have a read up on how to use my pump etc now as I got it out just incase!!!

    Didn't realise what an impatient thing I've become!!!

    Many thanks again.
    Katie and bambino.x x x
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