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Time off for Antinatal

Does anyone know if there is a specific time length that your employer gives you for your midwife appointments/antinatal classes? Is there any maximum or minimum time limit?


  • All I know is that you are entitled to time off and the employers can't question you. I don't see how they can give you a time limit for appointments - what if they are running late and stuff!!

    you could probably try checking with the cab, or even your mw to see if they have any guidelines for you.

  • Hi, they have to allow you 'reasonable time off' and also they can ask to see proof of your appointment. I think most places give appointment cards if you ask. So basically a couple of hours is fairly typical depending on how far you work from where you need to go to see your midwife etc.

    Liz x
  • Well it will take about 30/40min to get from work to where the classes are (which are 2 hours long) work said they will only pay for 2 hours and not travelling time or anything like that. i know i'll only lose about 1 or 2hours pay but it's just a bit annoying!!
  • Sounds like your work are being arsey - definately check with cab or mw to see if they can help with legalities.

    Is it possible foryou to get on any evening classes? I made most of mine evening so hubby could come too.. and the threat of me potentialy taking 6 afternoons off work stopped boss grumbling at me when there was only 1 i can't have in an evening!
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