A bit worried, please help. x

I have just gone on the the website of the hospital that i will be having my baby at and it says that At the hospital, an antenatal scan is offered at 18-20 weeks. Does this mean that i do not get a 12 week one and will have to arrange this myself somewhere else?


  • How far gone are you? have you had your first midwife appointment yet? i recieved a later after my booking in appointment with my 12 week scan date you also get one at 20 weeks normally. You can always call your mid-wife she should be able to tell you.

    hope that helps kayxx
  • p.s as far as i know EVERYONE gets a 12 week scan as the need to check for any complications xx
  • Whether or not you are offered a 12 wk scan is dependant on your local area and NHS. I would ask your MW and they shoudl advise you. I am afraid it is another post code lottery!
    Lilou x
  • Thats lovely thanks for your help. looks like im going to have to get one privately!
  • Unfortunately some areas do not offer 12 week scans and others offer 12 weeks but not 20 weeks (I think this is true in parts of Scotland!).

    We live in Wiltshire and did not get an NHS scan at 12 weeks so we paid for one privately.

    When you have your booking in appt your midwife will tell you then. Fingers crossed you get one x
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