hard belly

hi, im a big girl so i have a belly, and its gone hard?

is this normall?????

becx x


  • Hi bec, i know your bump is supposed to be jellyish at first then hard (or so ppl tell me) am almost 14 weeks and have jelly belly (which i had before) but feels hard sometimes and is gradually swelling. Mine feels hard when im bloated mostly.
    Im pretty sure its normal, and everyones bumps are different. how many weeks are you?
    sorry not been much help, but we only know what others tell us until we experience it ourselves
    x x Lis x x
  • See blog- Real or pschological...same question you are asking about
  • Yeah it happened to me, I'm not really big or skinny tho just inbetween haha. But lately I've been in the mince pies and though it's still hard there's a bit of fat there, lol.
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