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Jane & Baby bean

hi ya hun

Dont think we have spoke before but i have followed your story for few months now and read your post from earlier, just wondering if your ok?Its hard because they say from about 6 weeks they can sometimes pick the heartbeat up but i think until about 8 weeks they aren't too concerned.

Hope your ok anyway
charlie x 20+3


  • hi ya jane

    glad your feeling ok, its hard not to worry i had aearly miscarriage at the end of last year and found mysef worrying constantly until i was 12 weeks and even now i keep thinking soethings going to go wrong even though i can feel my baby moving and kicking now!

    You have been through so much and i cant imagine dealing with 2 miscarriages like you have as mine was only at 5+5 so i hadn't known long.

    good luck
    charlie x 20+4
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