A "click" sound from my baby in my tummy

Hi Mummies,
Whenever my bb moves inside mt tummy I will use my hand to feel his movements. On Mon, I did this and to my shocked I heard a "click" sound. That sound is similar to our bone " clicking" sound when we bend our fingers or when we clinch our fists. And just now I heard it again.

Does any mummies experience this also???

I am very worry....



  • Hi, my friend had similar sounding noises when pg with her little boy and she thought it was him kicking her ribs, could that be it maybe? perhaps have achat with your midwife to put your mind at rest? x
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Would like to know if yr babies or frends babies were born, is there anything wrong with their bones?

  • Oh my god, i'm so glad i've just seen this. Thought it was me imagining things. I've had exactly the same thing. I feel nothing when this happens, no pain, I can only just hear the clicking sound and its definately coming from inside!! Well at least its not just me, was worried to say anything to my midwife incase she thought I was nuts but now I know its happening to other people I'm going to ask her, going on the 4th Nov for 34 week check.

    When did this start happening to you other girlies??



  • Hi mummies,
    I told my Gynae and she laughed only on 21 Oct. My gynae had scanned my bb but she did not spot anything. I do not know if she checked on my fetal's bones. She said my fluid is just right. Not too much or too less.

    I thought I was sensative or being paranoic. Phew I am glad that I am not alone. I just heard it loud and cleared when my fetal moved and I covered my hands to feel it. The " click" sound so far happend to me once a day.

    I am wondering if our fetals are super strong inside thus making that "click" sound.

    I am 31weeks +


  • Just wondering if you had got a more definite answer on what it could be....? Mine has just started doing it the last couple of days, im not too worried but would be nice to know if anyone has got a real answer out of their midwife (i know this can be tricky at times if anyones mw is as relaxed as mine and just answers all my worries with no no thats fine darling image ) hope everyones bumps are well xx
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