Clary Sage Oil

Hi ladies hope u and bumps r all good.
Was just wondering if anyone knows how much clary sage oil you use when u put it in your bath????

Kirsty xx


  • Hiya hon, I believe it's only a couple of drops as it's quite strong stuff. xx
  • I've never heard of this, what is it and what does it do? xx
  • With dd1 I was told 10 drops in the bath and went into labour that night, although I was 7 days over.

    With dd2 I did the same from about 38/39 weeks and she was still 10 days over due.

    They only come when they're ready, and clary sage smells horrible too!

    You can also put a couple drops in your moisturiser and rub it on you bump.

    Good luck xx
  • U should never use clary sage oil until very late stages of pregnancy as it can cause miscarriage x
  • I've been told at nct not to rub it on your bump as it is too strong just to put it in the bath
  • i spoke to mw today and she said not to use it as there is still a big ? ova whether it is safe but then others have said its fine,so i dnt no what to do,should i just risk it
  • i used about 5 drops in a bath, or if using to rub in use 1-3 drops to 10 drops of carrier oil (almond, sunflower etc), never rub it in neat. hth xx
  • I am 39 weeks & 3 days now..

    I bought some clary sage oil yesterday and used 10 drops in my bath with radix bubble bath, then I applied johnsons baby oil and clary sage oil to my bump and back and then I applied some clary sage oil to tissue and smelt it untill I fell asleep, it has deffinately made some effects!! Will keep using untill baby here image p.s it smells amazing and is so relaxing!! Last night sleep was the best iv ever had!! image)

    Good luck x
  • I've heard fab things about clary sage oil, my friend used it always and she has 6 children! Bath time is best and around due date xx

  • I put it on a tissue and left it by my head over night. I went into labour the next day at. 39+3.
  • i used about 5 drops in a carrier oil, still went 2 days over, good luck

  • I rubbed clary sage on my belly a few nights ago thinking I was having menstral cramps. Turns out I just found out I'm pregnant. Now I'm praying hard that everything is ok. 

  • Hi, i went to my sister in laws tonight for her birthday, she is 12 days overdue giving birth she told me that she had brought some clary sage oil and that she had some on, what she doesnt know is that im 8 weeks pregnant, i came home and googled it and now im panicking my head off about it, please can someone help me image

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