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Hiya Love!

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply it was just finding a chance to speak to MIL about her other son's penis! lol

I'm not sure if this information is a bit late but I did promise i'd get back to you and I can find the thread!

She said stephen was 6 weeks old and was her first child that she was worried sick because he was sooo little she said but it had to be done..

they cut the skin and moved it back - that she left his nappy open as much as poss to let the air help it heal - to expect that he will have errections as the penis is not used to being able to move so freely so they may happen offten to start with.. also that it will be more sensitive than before hand because it was covered but now its not!

that to give some pain relief before bedtime as the errections can hurt to start with as it's still healing...

She said not to worry though it does heal pretty quickly and that it's much better for them in the long run and that he has farthered 3 healthly children!

hope this is of some help honey and let us know how your getting on because i know you were very anxious! xxx


  • Thanks hon for getting back to me - I can see how it can take a bit of time to slip her son's todge into conversation (figure of speech lol!!)

    ugh - erections? It's bad enough with the ones he gets already - oh boy children are just so much harder to deal with with these things! That is something that I have not heard about.

    You and your mil have been a big help, so thank you so much. I'm still a little anxious but now I'm more prepared it's easier to deal with - it's the going to sleep bit that freaks me out cos I remember how scared my little girl was every time she had ops - going to have to try and blank it out and my dh is going to take him down to theatres.

    His ops next week on 17th so can't wait for it to be over and done with......

    Thanks again chick
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