Water Birth!!

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if any of you have thought about a water birth? Im really warming to this idea as I've heard it takes quite a bit of the pain away & it sounds more comfortable & relaxing than just lying on a bed..this is my first pregnancy and i'm 18+4 today so still got a while to go yet but was just wondering if any of you have had one of these before or are considering this option yourselves?

Thanks girls x x


  • Hi Nicola- I'm only 11 + 6 (ish - will find out for def on Wed!) but I've already said I'm interested in a water birth. Mainly as I get (got!) really bad PMS and baths always helped so, altho it's very different, I figured it might help - even if a little!
    I've had no further info about it yet but very interested.
  • I think I'm gonna try & find out a bit more about it & then I'll get back to you with the pros & cons..just sounds so much more relaxing to me! good to hear I'm not the only one who thinks this as well x x
  • I would love a water birth. but i dont no what the chances of getting one are becuase i know most places only have 1 or 2 birthing pools/baths so if someone else is in there you cant image which sucks! i love the idea of one though.

    Sam 11+3
  • My friend has just given birth in a birthing pool and highly recommends it - except when she pooed!! Midwife had to fish it out with a net!!!!! Sounds like it's pot luck if you get one tho as they could be being used or if you are too far dilated by the time you get the option you don't get to use it.
  • Yes that is a bugger..pity we cant book them in advance but unfortunately our little bundles of joy aren't that predictable & will only make an appearance when it's right for them ha ha x x
  • ...yeah I know it's only a possibility but we've chosen our hospital which has a specific pool just in case...think I'll board up the doors to it until I'm ready!!
    My uncle suggested using his pond last night! hmmm...
    heehee! x
  • Oh my god deputygibbon..never thought of that, I dont really want to be in a pool if that happens :-/ I'd be trying to get up and get out if there was one of those floating around in the water with me x
  • Use the pond indeed ha ha that sounds something like my other half's dad would say...could be a tad distracting with the fish swimming around you x
  • I want a water birth so am just hoping that the pool will be free!! image
  • im having a waterbirth! im getting a pool at home! so it gets delivered a couple of weeks before your due date! i thought we would have to pay to hire one but midwife says they have some they loan out, so am really pleased! but apparently they get booked up quite quickly? so might be worth askking your midwife about it?

    skyla (21 weeks today!) xx
  • wow skyla - at least you're guaranteed your pool!
    Sounds great but I don't think having the baby at home is for me....
    hope delivery goes well - takes a while to fill it I think?! xx
  • lol yes i'll leave that to my OH! we wanted a home birth anyway as i dont likke the idea of a hospital birth, and a midwife unit is virtually the same as having it at home in terms of care. if there are any probs during your pregnancy you cant have it at home anyway so i figured it would be pretty safe! *fingers crossed as its my first time`!*

  • I think I might like to use a birthing pool to help with pain relief (at the hospital that is - not up for a home birth). The only thing is I plan on using a TENS machine at first which obv you can't use in water, so will have to weigh it up when the time comes and decide whether I want to ditch the TENS for the pool.

    You need to remember though that you won't be able to have an epidural or pethadine if you have a water birth - an epidural will mean being immobile and pethadine has the potential to make you sleepy, so they won't allow you anywhere near water.

    Haha, I'm talking like I know what I'm on about! (this is my first time too).

  • pink toothbrush - you sounds like you know more than me!! i feel like i havnt got a clue most the time! LOL i guess i/ll learn pretty quick! hehe
  • i'd really like to have a water birth too, i mentioned this to hubby before we even found out we were pg. i've heard that they're meant to be good for helping with the pain,

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