hi, im carlyn. just found this site. im 26+4 today, due 9th march with baby no 2. i have a 2 yr old dd charlotte who was born at 35 weeks. hope you are all well and i look forward to talking to you all xx


  • Hi hun.. didnt want to read and run, and no-one else posted yet, so thought I would say Hi
    Congrats on your 2nd baby.. hope all is well, do you know what you are having?
    Im caz and 23 weeks with my 3rd.. this one is my 2nd boy.
    Welcome to the site, where are you from hun?
    caz x


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  • hi i'm Debz i'm 12 weeks today YAY (sorry) welcome to the site and congrats on your lo hope your dd is coping with mommy having a bump?
  • Hello image I'm 19 weeks and expecting my first baby on April 28th. I get to find out whether it's a boy or girl on Mon and ridiculously excited, hehe.

    Congrats on your pregnancy & beautiful daughter
    x x x
  • Hi im Sara and im 28+5 due on 25th feb, this will be my 3rd baby I already have 2 boys and this one is a suprise!!!!

    Sara x
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