hi girls im in abit of a panic ,i went to see my consultant this morning as i have had a prem birth at 31 week and a big baby at 9lb 12oz (he broke his collor bone when born bcoz he got stuck) anyway he said id need a gtt again which woz fine last time and a growth scan at 36 week. then he felt the baby and said he woz big already and im measuring 3 week bigger so i will need a scan at 30 week instead!!! now at terrified ill have a monster baby!lol! im only 24 week. as any1 else been though this and ad a normal size baby?
luv clare


  • thx saint bertie, fingers crossed he wont b 2 big!!! and yay i get to c my baby again!
    luv clare

  • Wow Im sure it will be fine hun just take it as it comes! Good luck!


  • Try not to worry just yet hunny, i don't think measuring is always the best way to tell, and even the scans arent always accurate!
    At least they are keeping on top of it so you know if bubs is big they'll prob try to start you off a little earlier to prevent a repeat of what happened last time xxx
  • i am having to have growth scans this time, as my last lo was 9lb10.6oz. and really long. i am measuring 2 weeks ahead atm adn my last san at 28 weeks baby weighed 3lb 5oz. got my 32 week scan on tuesday. will let you know how i get on..

    my next door neighbours 1st was 10lb2 and a c-section. she got told her 2nd was going to be over 10lb too and had to have another section and she was only 7lb! so its not always right! xx
  • thx girls, i think ive calmed down alil now! i just got abit freaked out , make sure u let us no how u get on upsy-daisy??
    luv clare

  • I had the same! My first wasn't huge, she was 8lb but when I was pregnant with Theo they said he was going to be massive. I always measured 6 weeks ahead and had loads of growth scans. They induced me 2 weeks early due to his size and he was 7lb 4oz which wasnt massive but well above average for 38 weeks. My consultant thinks if he had gone overdue he would have been about 10lb something which is quite big considering I'm only 5ft!
  • I've been told I'm having a biggun too. Since my 20 week scan he's been measuring on 97th centile for dates and my bump's always about 3-4 weeks ahead of what it should be. and this is my first.

    Understandably after your last experience you don't want another repeat.

    Carlybarley, can I ask, when they induced you 2 weeks early, how was the birth? did you have to have forceps / ventouse etc.? I'm really paranoid that if they induce me early it's going to be a difficult birth, but then if they don't it will probably be a difficult birth anyway!!

    thanks x
  • I was 10lb 11oz when i was born and my mum delevered me naturally and had no problems. I am terrified i am gonna have huge baby to and i'm only 11 weeks so far!! lol
  • hi hun,

    all the way through my pregnancy i was mesuring 3 weeks ahead, and every mw or doctor who felt my bump said my baby was big. i had a growth scan at 36 wks, was told baby was 6lb 11oz at that point!!!

    well anywho when i had Isaac he was 10 days late and weighed 8lb 13.5oz! So not too big after all image
  • sorry cnt help really but i was told i was carrying big babies in my last 2 pregnancies and they were right as were both almost 9lb! grace was 10 days early and the mw said had she gone to full term shed have been 9lb 11oz!! i will be hoping this one comes early 2 if it follows in their footsteps with weight!! im sure the scan will put your mind at rest as was quite accurate when my consultant scanned me xxx
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