Painful Nipples!!!

hi girlies!

bit of a random one i know, but my nipples keep going hard and are absolutely killing me!! i just have to open a window and off they go!! i'm 14 weeks gone, is this normal? When i get out of the shower or bath or am really warm i seem to leak a little bit too. Surely it's too early for that? I dont see my midwife for a couple more weeks and to be honest i'm not sure i could ask her anyway!!

any ideas would be very much appreciated, but please dont tell me to wrap up warm cos i am boiling hot and need a breeze!!!


rhiannon and bump xxx :lol:


  • I have this even now - although more sore and 'chafed' looking now. I put some Lansinoh nipple cream on them and it worked a treat - I bought this in advance as I'm going to b/f and have heard it's great for sore nips! You could try sudocrem as afirst off though as cheaper?
  • Thanks for ur tips girls i'm hoping it'll die off soon!! xxx
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