pain at 7 weeks

ive been having cramps on and off for a couple of weeks now, with the occasional really sharp pain, especially at night.

this evening i felt like something inside my stomach had been ripped in half...was in agony and was left with an ache afterwards. ive had a bath to try and relax the muscles, and im now left with an ache on my right side, quite low...and not where the original shooting pain came from....

ive not had any bleeding (touch wood) just so confused about how you're meant to know whats normal pain and what isnt....

has anyone had any similar experience, or any words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

thanks x


  • i haven't had any similar experince sorry..but had read in my pregnancy book that if you have severe pain, especially if its on one side you should contact your doctor or midwife as this could be sign of an eptopic pregnancy so needs to be checked out. Sorry i don't mean to worry you..just thought I should say what i've read. Thinking of you and fingers crossed everything ok and its just pain as the uterus expands and grows. take care.x
  • thanks for the reply,
    i spoke to my midwife last week when i had an inital appointment with her to get booking in app and scan booked. i mentioned that id had some pain at night etc and she suggested it was due to my muscles relaxing and not to worry.......
    dont see how you cant worry! think ill try and make a drs appointment tomorrow morning, although it will probably be the new year before they can fit me in!
    just hoping that no blood is a good sign?!?
    thanks again for the reply....x
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