what if scan is empty? am i really pregnant?

Hi there, my name is Shanaz and i think im about 16 weeks. i shouldve had a scan by now but they havent been able to fit me and because im a low risk i cant get seen sooner.
Just wanting some advice from some expecting mothers really...how do i know i am really pregnant? what if im not? im getting quite a bump already but how do i know im not just putting on weight? how big should i be at 16 weeks.. im sorry its sounds so silly but it just doesnt seem real.. my scan is next monday and im afraid they will tell me there is nothing there..


  • Aww, its natural to be worried, I was scared stiff at my 18w scan, even after having a scan at 11+3 as well. I didn't get a bump until about 23 weeks, still barely noticeable now at 26ish weeks so if you've got a bump already you're doing well! Good luck for monday, fingers crossed everything goes well for you.

    Corinna x
  • aww thank you, i appreciate your reply, i wish i was as excited as everyone else is but i keep thinking the worst??? if i am actually pregnant (by the way i took seven tests.. all positive) and somethings wrong with the baby or if the baby stopped growing.. how can i tell that im growing.. i cant seem to follow it well enough.. id like to apologise in advance for sounding like a stress head.. you wouldnt believe that i am actually a very laid back person.
  • I think pregnancy turns most women into stress heads hun so dont worry about that. I know its easier said then done but just try and relax, I know how you feel though-I was half expecting them to tell me there was nothing there when I went to my first scan and that I wasnt pregnant or that something had gone wrong.
    Like I said, I know its a lot easier said then done but my best advise is to try not to worry about what should be happening (ie how big you should be ect.) because every pregnancy is differnt. Some people will put on loadsa weight and some will have huge bumps-yet some will barely show at all throughout the majority of their pregnancy. xxxxx


  • i had all these fears too, i think we all do to some extent. i think its natural to turn into a 'stress head'. all the best for monday chick and let us know how it goes. You should have an ace scan picture at 16 weeks to put on here, so please do.

    lisa xx
  • aww all your comments are soo sweet, i want to cry now! image well thank you for your reassurances, i needed to ask someone that understood, other advice just seems empty to me at the moment..
    thanks again guys and the picture of the ''existing'' baby will certainly come up on monday! x
  • Hi, I didn't show until 16 weeks, when I did it was just a little bump. Obvious to people I knew but other people probably would have thought it was just a fat stomach - I didn't show 'properly' until 20+ weeks.

    I worried loads about the scan - I had a scan at 9 weeks and was convinced that the baby must have died after that as my sickness vanished and I had bleeding, however when I started getting the bump at 16 weeks and heard the heartbeat at the doctors, I knew it was a stickie one!
  • Hey I think pregnancy makes worriers out of us all! Its natural to be worried in early pregnancy, I was the same early on as I had a scan at 10 weeks and was so sure that the baby would have stopped growing and there was a little heartbeat beating away but I had another scan at 16 weeks and was still worried! But as your getting a bump already your doing well! Trust me hun it wont be long until your feeling reassuring thumps and kicks, and you'll get a scan picture to look at every time you worry.
  • ish - you must be pregnant by the way you want to burst into tears at the comments!!!

    Also, bear in mind that if anything had happened you would most probably have known about it by now, so as the other ladies have said, relax and look forward to meeting your baby on Monday!

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the forums Shanaz! I know exactly what you mean about not really believing it, I didn't really believe it until I started to feel the baby move, even after I had my first scan. After 7 positive tests, I think you can be pretty confident that all will be well at the scan though, and it will begin to feel real very quickly!
  • Good luck at ur scan on Monday Shanaz - enjoy the pics!! Another 2-3 weeks and you mite start to notice baby's movements which will help you stay positive after the scan!
  • image well it turns out im not just fat and greedy image
  • Good to hear!!
  • I think all mothers go thru this in the first stages of pregnancy. Wen i fell pregnant i went to the gp and told him id done two home tests and they'd both been positive, and he just said ok and refered me to the midwife. I didnt even have any tests to confirm that i was pregnant so i was dreading my 12wks scan as like u i was worried nothing was going to be there. But sure enuf there was my lil bubba, and urs will be there too, gud luck, Kerry xxx

  • How many weeks did they put you at, Shanaz? Congratulations by the way!
  • Congratulations! Im feeling exactly the same at the mo, am convinced it will be a mmc or an empty sac. Im glad that your mind has been set at ease now, and will take encouragement from your story!

    Good luck with the rest of your pg. As you were so late having your first scan, when will you have your anomaly scan?


  • hi and firstly congratulations image

    your thinking pretty much like any other new mum i expect, i know i was so paranoid that i evan did another test on the morning of the scan which showed positive, then when i was having the probe rubbed over belly i think i held my breath in case it didnt show baby.....but i was worrying over nothing, your be fine and good luck x
  • thank you all..

    im 17 weeks exactly today and my next scan is on the 4th June so im looking forward to it this time but i think i will always be anxious and worried... now i know how my mum felt and we just thought she was being silly and over protective.. x
  • Congratulations!!
    It's so hard to know it's true until you seen that screen!! I was certain after so long ttc that it wouldn't be true... Good luck for the next few months-and I'll no doubt be seeing more of you in the 'my baby is due in oct forum'!!
    Lydia xxx

  • oh my life, thats a bruiser. well done, let us know how you do on 3rd June too xx
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