when will I ...

start experiencing pg symptoms (i know it's different for everyone) but i'd love to know when you started gettig morning sickness, cravings, anything else - am only 4wks. Also when did your bump start showing? xx would love to hear your experiences!


  • Hi there,
    I knew i was pg before i tested when i suffered heartburn for the first time ever, and had sore boobs (which i also didn't previously suffer with)
    My bump started showing around 14 weeks and some days seem bigger than others (i am now 20 weeks)
    My first craving was baby carrots and vanilla ice cream (yes together urghh) and since then it has been sour and bitter things like lemons and sherbert!! More recently though i have been drinking milk by the bucketloads.

    Good luck with your pregnancy and i hope everything goes well for you.
  • omg ur cravings lol
    ok so i had sickness from about week 8 until week 18 i started to show from 12 weeks but i think alot of this is bloating im 21 weeks now and have a massive bump lol and today i felt the baby kick 4 the first time !!!!
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