hubby wants another......

does anyone think this is a bit insane. ihad my fourth baby 5 days ago and hubby has just announced he would like a number 5 .does this sound crazy to you? what do you all think.... claire


  • Wow that's a bit quick, you can tell men don't give birth - lol! Don't think the idea in principle sounds crazy, but would say to give yourself a few months to adjust to life with no. 4 and see how you both feel then. Hope all goes well xx
  • i think he should have it then!! hehe
    Filo x
  • well I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and my 2nd is only 3 months old! Obviously, you need to wait a while and give your body a chance to recover (says she who fell pregnant 7 weeks after giving birth!) and your husband needs to appreciate that. How do you feel about it? Obviously your a good mum if your on number 4!
  • he wants to wait till lo is one so its not too soon but just a little shocked lol x
  • oh that sounds a bit better. Is he part of a large family? cos i think that either puts them off or or encourages them depending on what childhood was like. saying that dh is one of 5 and we only want 2 so this will be our last.
    Filo x
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