Hi folks -

currently about 6 weeks pregnant with twins and had an iffy start - still feel really cautious and worried.

Hubby is being great but we have had no loving (sex) for the whole 6 weeks.

Are there any risks at all and can you do it straight away or should we wait?

Thanks for your help

Sarah x


  • there usually is no reason why u shldn't be able to carry on having sex, unless u've had early prenancy bleeding and the gp has warned u off. if u wld like to be sure first tho, have a chat with ur gp or mw and they can put ur mind at rest as to whether its risky or not. personally i've had no bleeding or anything and have continued having sex as normal, if not more often lol, hormones eh lol


  • As you're pregnant with twins I'd give your midwife a quick call, just to check - I don't know if there are any extra risks if you're having twins, but it's best to be on the safe side. Hopefully she'll give you the go-ahead! xx
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