Maternity Clothes shopping advice

Planning on going clothes shopping as cant bear how uncomfortable my bra is and I cant keep kidding myself that my trousers fit as as soon as I sit at my desk I have to undo them

I am only 9+5 and have a lot of growing to do so I didnt know whether i should just buy the size up on my trews and risk them being baggy on my legs and bum and buy maternity later on which woul dmean speniding twice as much or whether I should just head for the maternity and grow into it.

When did everyone start maternity shopping?




  • I could have wrote this, I have been feeling silly about buying Mat clothes and worried as well but I can't sit in my work clothes anymore?

    K xx
  • I could have wrote this, I have been feeling silly about buying Mat clothes and worried as well but I can't sit in my work clothes anymore?

    K xx
  • hi georgie the only problem with buying maternity clothes so early is they really dont stay up (well they dont on me anyway) i bought some lycra boot leg trousers not very sexy but they stay up and they still fit now and i bought them at 14 weeks.
    claire x
  • I would say check to see how they widen, if its elastic over the bump I would wait until your a bit more established as the ones I brought at 10 weeks to go up over my bump were out grown by 20 weeks, if its the buttons on elastic down the side then go for it, I have trousers that I got at 10 with buttons on the side and elastic that still fit now !!

    It also depends how your bump decides to grow, I was measuring small until 25 weeks then had a huge growth spurt and gained 4 cms in a week !! That effected my clothing range very quickly !! I say if you get any t-shirts go for long ones ! They'll keep the bump covered then.

    I do prefer trousers that go up over the bumps but thats mainly because Ive had a winter pregnancy so its been cooooold !! Plan ahead of how pregnant you'll be and what the weather 'should' be doing Its such an exciting time realising you're outgrowing your normal clothes !!

    Congrats on your pregnancy !

    40+5 (labour vibes please!)
  • Thanks guys

    I think im going to go shopping at lunch and see whats about. Think ill go in next first as I feel comfortable in there and then I may go in Mothercare - ive been too scared to up till now. I hope I dont get a shop assistant come in and ask me if im okay as if ive wandered into there by accident lol Ive been trying not to go into Mothercare in case I start obsessing.

    BTW My bra is so itchy and uncomfortably I feel like I want to rip it off NOW but I dont think my boss would be too impresssed, or my o.h lol



  • I need to go buy maternity bras and I am only 5+5 my boobs have grown so much and they are absolute agony. I feel silly buying stuff so early but wired ones hurt and I am sick of sports bras!
  • Thanks girls, and thanks Georgie for posting this. The bras I have have have to get. I look like I have 4 boobs. Not sure where you go though I am a 34 H and think i have gone up at least a cup size. My bras are just digging into me. Hubby thinks it's Christmas again I look like I have fake boobs!!

    K xx
  • When I had my last one my Mum took me to Mothercare and they looked after me then so I may give it a whirl. Depends how confident I feel when Im standing outside.

  • On the bras, I would go and get fitted now. For one thing it's not good for them to be in the wrong size. Also if you get fitted, the lady will take into account that you may grow a bit more. And finally your boobs grow mainly at the beginning then they probably won't grow again until the last couple of weeks when your milk comes in. I got measured at 10 weeks and haven't changed size since then (now 23 weeks).

    Re trousers, I bought ones from Mamas & Papas with the buttons which expand as you progress, but have to say I grew out of them by about 18 weeks. However, they did last me a couple of months, which just buying the next size up in normal trousers would definitely not have done.
  • With both my previous pregnancies I had to get mat trousers by 9 weeks, so I expect the same will happen again. I bought under bump trousers, and these lasted me up to about 6/7 months, so I got plenty of wear out of them.
  • I have just had the most awful time shopping. Firstly I went into Mothercare, they had one jumble sale rail and one rail or normal clother which had two pairs of trousers, legging material, on it with an elasticated waist band about 30cm wide. I tried on the size ten and they fit me to the top of the leg and then from the bottom upwards were huge front and back, both pairs. There were no sales advisors available to discuss bras.

    I then went to Next who advise that the branch does not do maternity wear and I should go online. Really rubbish for a town centre branch!

    I then went to Dorothy perkins and tried on two pairs of maternity trousers which were both 'normal' trouser material and had thinner elasticated bands but the size ten were still way too big, even when I folded up the elasticated band and the size 8 were too tight round the bum so musch so you could see your knicjer line and were hige again round the waist,

    I then tried on three pairs of normal trousers in size 12. The legs and bums were huge but when I got to the waist they were snug, so much so that by next week they wouldnt have fit me anymore and thats without even sitting down in them.

    I then gave up and went to the bus stop where I felt really emotional and tears were welling up. I felt drained and tired and I could have lay on the floor and started sobbing there and then. I felt such a failure - how pathetic is that! Its crazy im not even sad about anything I was sitting at my desk early this morning singing for gods sake.

    Anyway plan is to wait a couple of weeks and go shopping again possible on a Sunday and I may take a friend with me.

    On the plus side the baby stuff in Mothercare is lovely and the cots were cheaper than I thought the'd be and they have the cutest rocking cradle for only ??60.00. At what age do they go in a cradle for? I had a moses basket last time so not sure which Id prefer. I may have to get both as the cradle was so cute but I wouldnt be able to carry it downstairs.

    Im gibbering on a bit now so im going to stop



  • K-Lou gave me an idea that dresses were definately the way forward. What do you think of this dress;

    G x
  • K-Lou gave me an idea that dresses were definately the way forward. What do you think of this dress;

    G x
  • oh just had a thought!!! have you been to new look they do bump bands they are really good so you can wear your normal trousers longer!! you get a pack of 3 one black one grey and one white for ??9 well worth it!!
    hope this helps!!xxx
  • Hon,

    It's awful being in the in between stage isn't it? I'm 14+5 and have been struggling for weeks now. Fine while I was off work before and over xmas but now I'm back and need to be in business dress it's a nightmare! I have 1 pair of mat trousers which fit better than they did when I bought them a few weeks ago but still fall down a little bit Like K-Lou said I think dresses are the way forward I got a nice one from mothercare in the sale last week and I think it will last me for a few months and I can wear it when I go into the office with long boots.

    Also on the bra front I found mothercare brilliant but go into a larger store if you can. I was measured and then tried on a few different sizes to find one that fitted but gave me room to grow as the size I was measured at was too big when I tried a bra on! I can't tell you how much better I feel for having a decent support bra on now!

    Good Luck and sorry you've had a bad afternoon shopping!

    Sazzle xx
  • So sorry to hear you had such a rotten time shopping. It seems really hard to find decent ranges in the shops and buying online is always a bit of a gamble.
    I agree dresses are great, I've got a few and they are both very comfortable and it doesn't matter if they're a bit big still around the middle.
    Try M&S for bras. They are usually quite good for fitting.
    And lastly I agree that under bump styles are really good and will probably last the longest overall - M&S do a really good pair of jeans for ??19.50 which are under bump and I'd really recommend.
  • Hiya girls,
    I'd recommend New Look if you can get to one with a maternity range. I've worn a pair of their black over the bump trousers from week 11 til now (30), they've also got buttons at the side which give more elastic when needed.
    I'd also recommend the bump bands for wearing normal trousers longer, although not as comfy as the mat trousers.
    I've managed with quite a lot of non-mat tops in bigger sizes but with long vest tops underneath.
    The only thing I'd say with dresses is that as you get bigger, the hem is higher at the front as its covering bump.
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