When does?

Baby get too big to stop moving around so much?

Little Angus is a monster and very fidgety!!! In the last few days he has moved positions so much!!! I can tell because I get more movements in certain positions and also when he's "on the move" my tummy goes super firm.

When will he get too big that he can't move so much?!?!?

(I'm not complaining, I love it and him / her so much!)



  • i'm 30 weeks and baby is still moving like crazy to the point where its painful. its funny when baby makes one side of my belly stick out though!
  • I was thinking this today too Joo!! My LO seems to have slowed down i the last few days but im not worried as i still get the minimum 10 movements a day - i can tell he/she doesnt move much out of the head down position cos all i get is a foot in my ribs, a bum poking up to my right hand side or hands fidgeting around my hip oh and the pressure and weight from baby being head down and low!!!

    Anna (34+5)
  • Does anyone else find as soon as they rest something on tummy ie. hands, book etc, baby kicks it out of the way!! Its my tummy too!! hehe

    I more or less constantly feel something resting on my ribs now on right hand side which isnt so comfy but atleast i know babys growing big and strong cos presses on bladder at same time - i swear it cant get much bigger cos there isnt room!!
  • I think I was about 36 weeks when the kicks became more wriggles, like MrsAmanda said you will see your baby change position or trying to get comfy. I could also hear her bones clicking, I said to my MW that I kept hearing this clicking noise and it was coming from the bump, she told me it was the babies bones clicking which i was freaked out by, but in the end got used to the noise!

  • Mine didn't really slow down at all in my last pregnancy! I guess it all depends on size, position etc xx
  • Got to say I got more and more movement as time went on, right up to the end. She was never one for kicks, though - she was always more of a wriggler & squirmer.
  • id say the last 3 weeks or so but as others say depends on size of baby etc xxx
  • Really? Cor blimey!

    I thought it would proper calm down when Angus got too big and cramped in there!!!

    aaaaw bless his little cottons!!!

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