ouch! this is painful.. why??

hey every1!!
jst wondering, does any find baby's kicks / wriggles painful?.. i feel like im all bruised inside! its so sore with each kick! v painful.. i have 2 push his feet bk in as it hurts so much!!...
any ideas y???....xxx


  • i did have this last week wen i had a foot i could feel by bellybutton it was wierd and felt like the muscle was really being stretched, has moved again since tho Xx
  • yep me too if the kicks are on my bladder - makes me gasp!! Feeling bruised is a good way to describe it.
    Ames x
  • No idea but I get this too. I think for me it depends which part of their body they are moving. Kicks are not too bad but when they grind their heads or bums against my tummy it really hurts!
    Not that I am complaining at all as I'm very glad they wriggle around but I know exactly what you mean about feeling bruised hun

  • Yep movements for me could be really painful ! She likes to stick her feet out my side which really hurts or ram her bum into my ribs !

    MrsW 38+4
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