in shock!!!!

ok so after being rushed to the hospital because i was basicly weeing blood which turned out to be a uti
anyway i was given antibiotics to take and also i was given co-dydramol and told to take 2 4 times a day for pain relief but my oh has just been to pick up the rest of my pills and the hospital chemist guy has said ohhh she shouldnt be taking 2 of the co-dydramol coz it could harm the baby!!!!!
why was i told to take two of them then!!!!!!!!!!!

so now im in agony and i dont even wanna take em now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

does anyone know how many im actually ment to take?????


  • Sorry hun, I don't know. Could you ring up your mw or doc and ask? I'm on co-codamol (not sure if that's similar) which I can take 2 tabs together up to 4 times a day if needed. Surely they wouldn't have given it to you if it was dangerous? Bet you're worried sick now as well as being in pain!

  • hi, if you cant get through to your mw or doc ring nhs direct, they should be able to help you hun.
    i also have been given co-codamol to take but havent heard of what your having so to be safe, speak to someone xxx
  • hiya - poor you hon, I am also on co-codomol - thinks its similar. have a look at strength - I take 8/500 x2 during the day (that's 500 paracetemol, 8 codiene) and 30/500x2 at night to try to help me sleep.
    The chemist is prob just being extra careful - how many wks are you? cause that can make a difference too. The hosp should know best - they know all your individual details.

    take care, hope you feel better

  • yh think im gonna ring nhs direct so confused now!!! dont wanna take em at all now but have no choice really im in agony and can barely walk!!
  • aww hun, could you take a paracetamol to take away a bit of the pain untill you know its ok to have 2 of the others? x
  • well i have just called nhs direct and it seems the chemist guy was talking out of his arse!!! i can take 2 4 times a day!!!! talk about scaring the crap out of u for no reason!!!!
  • i think the pharmacist have to be careful. When i worked as a health care assistant we always had to tell people to check with the doctor if on the back of most medication that is what it said. I guess the pharmacy was just being cautious as he wasnt the person who prescribed it, but was selling it to you.

    Least you can kill the pain now with tablets! xxx
  • Hiya. I had the same sort of experience when I was 20 weeks. They gave me anti sickness, antibiotics and codydramol. Then it got worse and I went back to A&E and the doctor i saw that time freaked out and told me I could be harming the baby and should not be taking them. So then of course I was panicking about how I may have miscarried or something and he was just a total tosser about it (excuse my language) telling me about how his wife was a saint during pregnancy and how all women should be like her and bath in fruit everyday basically!

    Anyway, the doctor I saw in the first place had checked the formulary and spoken to gynae consultants, so it was actually fine to take them and would have done more damage not to, but it is annoying and frightening that they can't agree on this.

    It really depends on the doc i think, but they say take when neccessary which can be alot when you're in that much pain! Am a nurse as well so already have grudges against doctors who try to scare people for taking medication when it really is called for.

    Hope you're feeling a bit better now. It's a minefield being pregnant sometimes isnt it. Take care hun. xxx
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