sure start grant

hi ladies
i wondered how many people have been able to get this and how long it takes to come thru ? we get tax credits and thing we are intitled to it any help please ?


  • hi yes you will be entilted to it am same as u. usually takes 7 to 14 days if paid into a bank hope that helps x x x
  • Hi,
    it took me a week to get a reply and another 2 days for the money to reach my account.
    hope this helps.
  • Hi
    What is a sure start grant? How do u qualify to get one?
  • i was told I could also get a form from the mw... I am getting mine from an advice center in the town where i live x
  • I thought that i wouldnt get it as my husband worked 50pence too much! I applied anyway and i have been granted it. Sent off and got a reply back within 7 working days but some bright spark down at the job centre plus has made mistakes on my bank account details so now i have to wait even longer for the money to come through. Could of done with it this weekend. as Im now 38 weeks and still got a few more things to get before he arrives!
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