raspberry leaf tea

hey everyone,
i'm sorry, i'm sure this has been asked before, but does anyone know where i can buy some raspberry leaf tea?
and incidentally, has anyone found that it works?


  • holland and barratt and other health food shops sell it.

    ive read posts of people saying it has really eased second stage of labour, i assume these are second time births that have something to compare it to lol

    i think it must work in some way, also holland and barratt are selling clary sage oil buy one get one free. i put it in the bath, its supposed to do the same thing but some have said it starts contractions....

    ive given up believing all the old wives tales!

    holly 40weeks today!
  • Hi there

    I got mine from Holland & Barratt like Hollylizzy says but mine were the capsules (not tea). Too be honest when I took them I stopped after a couple of weeks as they seemed to make my braxton hicks worse although I think they are supposed to make them better???
    Maybe it was just me lol!
  • Cheers girls
    I'll give it a shot!
  • Hi I found it really hard to get the capsules - none in Boots, Superdrug, Julian Graves or the supermarkets, had to get them online at Holland and Barratt in the end.
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