has baby turned back the wrong way?

Im 36+5 today since 28 weeks baby has always been head down, but now im worried that she may have turned sideways as i no longer feel hiccups very low down but more to the side. Ive got a scan and doctors on weds when they will discuss what day to induce me this week as i have cholestasis, also have a hospital appointment tomo for monitoring and more bloods, so i guess i can find out then if she has moved. I'm just worred that if she has moved from head down they will want to do a c-section instead and i really want to try and avoid that if possible. I have been using my birthing ball to try and make sure she is in the right position but knowing my luck she woud have turned and know i will worry about it until i go to the hospital tomorrow.
Does anyone have any ideas of how to try and make sure she is in the right position for when im to be induced? All would be gratefully recieved.
Thank you


  • Whenever my baby has hiccups now I don't tend to feel them low down anymore, I feel them more to the side or at the top, so I definitely don't think it's a sign that your baby has moved.

    Where do you feel most of the kicks? That's more of a reliable indicator!

    To ensure baby's in the best position for birth (although from what I gather babys will just go into whichever position is comfiest for them!) you should always sit with your knee's lower than your hips, and don't slouch back at all.

    You can also go on all fours leaning on your birthing ball to help the baby into the best position.

    Kat xx
    38 weeks
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