Nuchal scans

Not sure if this has been posted before but is anyone having one of these?
Saw my midwife yesterday who went through various tests you can have and this was one of them. I think were going to have it done (have to pay tho) as its more accurate than just blood test on its own


  • We had a nuchal scan. It was the combined scan and blood test which gives a more accurate result than just the scan alone. We had to pay for it privately as our health authority don't offer it on the NHS and it cost us ??200, but it was money well spent for peace of mind. I know it's not a guaranteed result only a risk factor but it was good enough for us. We came back as a low risk. I think the time you have to wait for the blood test results vary. We had our scan at 6pm in the evening and had the blood test results phoned through to us the following day at 5pm so we didn't have to wait long, which was great. I think some people have had to wait up to 2 weeks for their results which must be hard.

    Good luck with your decision xxxx

  • Yeah I had mine at 12 weeks too! Think it has to be done between 11+6 and 13+6 weeks gestation. The nuchal scan is supposed to give a more accurate risk than the 16-week blood test xxxx

  • Hi

    I am having one of these done in a couple of weeks time. I think as well as being more accurate, they also bring up less false positive results which is good.

    I'm asking the doctor to phone my DH with the result (due a couple of days after) as he is far more scientifically minded than me - I get really flustered when talking to medical professionals and don't really take things in!

    Good luck x
  • Thanks for your advice ladies
    The one im going for is the blood test and scan. Price ranges from ??140 to ??215 so were going for the lowest!!
    Like you have said we want peace of mind as the blood test alone is not as accurate. However my dilemma is that i think im 7.5 weeks pg, MW thinks 9.5 so when i spoke to the lady at the nuchal scan place she said i need a dating scan first as cant have it before 11.5 weeks and after 14!! Been in touch with mw and hopefully will get my dating scan asap if not looks like we will have to pay for it private (??50).
    Oh well im not too worried about paying (not being big headed) just want to make sure everythin is ok.
    Thanks again

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