I've gotta stubborn one in here!!!

Typical, where's the smile when you want one! Lol...


  • Hi girls....
    Hope you and your bumps/LOs are well....

    Well I know I still have 3 days until my due date but LO is really messing me about and getting my hopes up....

    I posted on Friday that I was having contractions every 10-15 mins then everything went quiet on Saturday and Sunday.....

    Well last night I sat down for my tele-a-thon of corrie, eastenders,then corrie again and britains got talent (sad I know!!) when I started having really strong braxton hicks. I didn't let on to my other half as after friday I thought they meant nothing....well they started coming every 5 mins, then every 4 mins...this went on for over 3 hours and my OH wanted to call the hospital but I knew deep down in my heart it would amount to nothing.....

    I was right...they stopped about midnight but I had back ache all night so didn't really sleep...

    I had in my head last week that I was going to be on time or go overdue but since Friday I can't stop thinking "is this it?" everytime I fell a twinge etc....Its starting to take over my mind!!!

    I know I shouldn't be winging as I know I havn't got long to go but god it is sooo frustrating....

    Sorry girls winge over...

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    3 days to go
  • awww hun I cant imagine how frustrating it must be for you. To have something feel like its the start of labour and then dwindle to nothing must have been so annoying! I went 17 days overdue with my first and I had the same as you, really strong bh for a few hours and would drag my mum into hospital and it would be nothing! Really hope little one gets a move on for you soon.
  • ooh is it a boy???
    my LO was a right sod before i gave birth, i bled had hours of contractions and ended up nearly having emergency section as his heart rate went up. when he was delivered breech with cord round neck was by section. boys!!!
    Filo x
  • LOL filo as I don't know the sex of bambino but keep saying its a boy because its being a pain but then again my OH thinks its a girl being a diva making sure she drags out her entrance!!!

    OMG Carleybarley 17 days overdue, bless you.....
    I feel terribly guilty for winging now!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • actually I didnt really mind! I was crapping myself so much about the labour I was quite happy for her to stay in permentley! But have to admit by 15 days overdue I was bloody uncomfortable!
  • Oh no Katie - I thought you'd have been done and dusted by now!

    Definitely a boy to give you this much grief already!!

    Hey - at this rate I could still beat you - week on Wednesday! Sorry, I'm not helping am I?

    Big hugs and huge contracting thoughts coming your way.

    8 days to go
  • Have you tried all the usual tricks to get baby out? Sex? Curry? Pineapple?

    I thought you might of had it by now!

    Good luck


  • hi i know exactly how you feel!! i am 4 days over now and last night i was up for 3 hours having pains, and i was so sure this was it but then it all just stopped!! i got wakened at 2.15am with a strong pain and they came and went until 5am...why do they do this to us?? i got all excited and im glad i wasnt scared so i know ill be a bit more prepared when it really happens.im booked in for induction on monday (10days over) and really hope i go into labour naturally before then cause i had to get induced last time too and want to know how it feels to go into labour naturally.


  • Awww hun! As you know I went 11 days over and my lo eventually dragged out by emergency section. And i mean dragged cos he was well an truly stuck!!!

    In a way it was much easier for me going overdue because I never had any false starts, in fact I went thru my whole pregnancy without braxton hicks or anything. If I had false starts I would've been sooo disappointed. When I was in labour & after over 24 hours being told I was still only 3cm dilated was gutting, I burst out cryin when a girl from the ward went into labour!!! xxxx
  • I have tried every trick I have heard of apart from the oil as really don't fancy that!!! I sat and ate a whole fresh pineapple while gagging as I hate pineapple, been pouncing on OH at every opportunity, went for a 2 mile fast walk today, had very hot curry and fajitas, star jumps, sooo many hot baths I've lost count.....

    God the things we do to try and beat mother nature...lol!!!

    So sorry you are overdue Laura.. sending you lots of contractional (is that a word!) thoughts....

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • You're brave Katie, I didnt dare try any of them apart from sex which was on the cards anyway! Haha! I hate pineapple too so I couldnt try it and not a fan of curry either. Have you run up and down the stairs? I tried it but didn't work, you never know tho! Might burn of the curry calories! xxx
  • Ahhhh Tiger lily, I remember your posts on here when you was overdue and now I feel even more guilty for winging when I am not even past my due date yet!!!!
    My neighbour had her baby 7 weeks early and my friend had her baby on friday 4 days early and I could feel the jealousy and tears building up inside me!!! God I hope baby comes on time before I turn into the green eyed monster!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • If anything I was more peed off before my due date cos I just knew I was going to go over & didnt have an induction date to look forward to!!

    Remember 5% babies born on their due dates so you never know you could be one of those lucky ladies! Soon you will have your baby and forgotten all about it. My grandma went 3 WEEKS over with my mum back in the 50s! I asked her if she was fed up and she said "No not really" - wtf?!?! xxx
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