so scared!!!

hi all im 16+4 and today is my 1st scan im so worried because through no fault of my own my 1st scan is so late so i have no idea whats going on with baby i also have to have my bloods done which im petrified about im rubbish with needles. I have hardly slept i was tossing and turning all night i know i should be looking forward to today but i cant im just so scared i have to leave in an hour to get there so im watching last nights im a celeb to keep my mind off it all.......... any advice ladies?????


  • hi hun its perfectly normal to feel this way i was petrified at my first scan i thought there would be nothing there even though i was really ill!!! one positive about scan being late on is that your baby will be alot bigger than 12 weeks and you will see such alot more! get used to the needles babe! keep us posted!!!! good luck im sure everything is fine! xxxHayley Xx
  • Hope all went well today Victoria? xxxxx
  • everything was fine baby was really active jumping around kicking and punching heart was pumping strong it was amazing my o/h shed a little tear it was brill the blood test was not that great wanted to punch the stupid woman but that was the only bad bit.
  • glad you had a good scan and all went well,
    i am also no fan ov needles,infact i hate them lol, but you do get used to them im on baby no 2 so dont fear them like i did while pregnant with first,
    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy hun xx

  • congrats victoria image see it was nothing to worry about!! image (it is normal tho to worry hehe) xx
  • Yayy!! Glad it all went well Victoria xxxxxx
  • thanks for all the support girls xxx
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