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sorry this may sound so stupid of me, but what is a sweep??:\?


  • Its when they stir up your cervix and Membranes, i think they do it with some sort of brush.. Its ment to get you started x
  • im nearly 37 weeks now so it wont happen until i am full term then? x
  • A sweep is when they brush your cervix to get things started. Its usually if you go over your due date. Not sure if they do it earlier for medical reasons
  • Through past experience this is usually done at term plus, in the hope it gets things moving. I don't remember an instrument of any kind, it was just like an internal examination by the midwife but more uncomfortable as it's like she's trying to get an arm up there tmi lol!!!!! As this is my third I am being all brave and have declined the sweep as it made no difference to me whatsoever and I found it quite painful. Quite proud of myself as I thought I would be forced to have it more or less. Then again others have it and don't find it a problem and labour follows shortly. x
  • i have had a sweep today .....basically the midwife puts some rubber gloves on with some lubricating jelly on her fingers the puts her fingers up through ure cervix to disrupt the membranes at the neck of the womb and hopefully get labour going worked with my son and im really hoping its going to work this time ,it doesnt hurt just uncomfortable but not a touch on childbirth lol
  • Yeah a sweep is just an internal and they literally sweep (with fingers) your cervix, its done when you go over due. i had one at 4 days over and went into labour the next day.
  • Thanks for all the replies ladies, its realy helped.
    At least i wont sound silly asking the midwife what its all about now, sin as tho its my 2nd aswell!! lol xx
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