only 101 days to go!!!!

Only 101 days to go now getting so excited and stressed (about what I have still got to do). Baby found my RIBCAGE on friday and has continued to wedge something (hand or foot i don't know) in it ever since on a regular basis which Hurts (oweeee!!!!) but I don'y care it's all for a good cause. So much Looking forward to seeing little one now I want to know if my instincts are right and it's a girl. We still don't have a boys name yet. But as OH keeps saying we got plenty of time left to decide.

A few months ago it felt like it was ages away now I only have about another 10 weeks to work and less than 15 weeks to go. The last few weeks seem to have just disappeared suddenly.

When do we start to pack our bags for hospital. Does anyone know.


  • In the last month, definitely before the last two weeks. image

    It's so exciting isn't it?
  • Yep getting really excited now. I just had a friend who has gone into labour six weeks early she wasn't due till mid november, She went into labour early last time too. Babies have been small but ok. (she had a boy first time and a girl this time)

    Hope it's not me otherwise i be having a christmas baby and i doubt i will be ready then
  • It feels like only yesterday that I was getting excited about being into double figures and now I have 66 days to go.

    I have no idea where the last 33 days have went but I hope the next 33 go as quickly...and the next lol
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