whilst there not to bad,im breaking out in spots!!!!!! anyone found anything thats helped with their spots in pregnancy? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh:x


  • Hey mrskc. My skin has never been very good but pregnancy is being extremely unkind to me in that respect.

    I've tried lots of things - using a mild cleanser, using a mild facewash, using wipes throughout the day, drinking lots, using no makeup, doing all, some or none of the above in various combinations - but haven't found the answer yet :\( Let me know if you do!

    As a last resort I've bought myself some expensive moisturiser and makeup in the hope that I'll at least be able to cover up the damage, but I think I'm kidding myself!

  • i have been using oxy 10 and it seems to working ok! make sure you only use a little at first as it can make your skin a bit red x
  • i do find that benzole peroxide works well in oxy 10 et but my skin gets red,so its either spots or red skin. i have been using duac gel from gp but it seems to have stopped working so im reducing to a few times a week as gp thinks i may be building up a resistance to it
  • hi just had to let you know dont know how far along you all are but i had really bad spots on my face and back when i was first pregnant with my son they went away at about 15 weeks then came back at about 35 weeks and have had the same with this pregnancy im now 14 weeks and there looking a bit better so at least there is a bit of a break from it for a while

    have tried a few different things for my face but not found anything that works but found that useing clearsil face wash on my back once or twice a day helped a bit.

    emma xx
  • Ooh, I used Duac from GP too, mrskc, and like you it stopped working after a certain amount of time (about a year, I think). My friend who's a doc said it's very likely I've built up a resistance to it, booooo.
  • my gp told me to reduce the amount i use it,and to stop using for few days or as long as i can stand for a while then only use few times a week as maintanance,as it will work better. she then said if not, she didnt really have much suggestions as i am pregnant cant use alot,but to be honest even when not pregnant i never responded to anything other than duac anyway,trouble with me is my spots are mild but there constant and dont respond to anything. the best i could get was benzole peroxide that gets rid of all spots but leaves my face really red! i cant win,it sucks:cry:

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  • I use witch face wipes and the witch stick on individual spots and they have worked a treat for me, i found they dried out my skin a bit but nothing a bit of moisturiser couldnt solve image
  • there is a site called that mentions a regimen to try,im looking at that at the moment
  • hiya ladies
    just thought i would butt in...sorry!
    my skin is evil to me all the time (has been since my first pregnancy 5 yrs ago) so this time round i was referred to a dermatologist who put me on antibiotics (i get massive red angry boils rather than whiteheads - am soooo friggin pretty!!) and said avoid tea-tree oil cos its actually bad for skin and not wear make-up....yeah right, i am a won't-leave-the-house-without-full-face-on type of gal so i spoke to beauty therapist who recommended a brand called Jane Iredale which is mineral based, contains no perfumes or other junk and is formulated esp for problem skin and scarred skin (i have lots of scars from old boils even when i have no boils) and although its bit pricey, it is fab!
    use dermologica cleansers etc, again pricey but really good, they do a cleanser that strips everything (including oils) from the skin and i have found regular routine wit dermologica and using jane iredale makeup has helped.

    hope this helps a bit!!
    15 days to go xxxxx
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