Why does EVERYBODY i meet feel the need to...

pass comment on my bump!!!!! its driving me mad. At first i thought it was sweet that everyone was interested but just recently it feel like groundhog day as i'm having the SAME conversations with everyone. 'How far along are you? Oh aren't you big for 4 months, are you sure its not twins? Is it a boy or girl? Have you had any cravings?' Its driving me crazy!!!

I know people mean well but i wish one of them would have a normal conversation with me!! I live above a pub as my OH runs it so i see a lot of people at my work and also when i get home even though i try and escape upstairs! The cleaner at my work, who doesn't know my name has started referring to me a 'fatty' which is fansatic!!! :lol:

Does anyone else feel like they have a smile constantly pasted on their faces and repeating the SAME things when you just want to scream, or am i being mean!!!


  • i aint got a bump yet but all my mates who have had kids said it p*d them off to in the end too - sorry i did laugh at what you had written about the cleaner refering to you as fatty - thats very charming !! LOL

    my one mate said even strangers in shops would come up to her and start feeling her bump - i for one will not be impressed if that happens to me !!
  • LOL, it is quite funny really, don't know whether to laugh or smack her in the mouth when she says it!! It is werid that you sort of become public property, it is fun at first and quite cool being centre of attention but be prepared for it to wind you up, especially if, as I clearly am, you get a little hormonal!! x
  • id start calling her fatty back LOL then if she questions it just say you thought it was like a personal joke between u 2 or sumat - cheeky moo she is LOL, i already have hormonal days so god help if someone does anything in the slightest if im having one of them days i will prob just stand there and burst into tears. i think that the midwife should give you a badge to wear saying - " yes im pregnant ??5 a go to rub my tummy " then see how many people want to touch it !! LOL
  • I get this too but ranging from 'blimey havent you piled on the weight' (p.s. ive put on a few pound - i'm nearly 23 wks pregnant!) and 'oh i couldnt tell you were pregnant - your tiny'. So dont know what to beleive. I havent had any strangers say anything yet as my coat is quite big so people probably cant tell.

    Ive got a definate bump now (not just a pot belly type look) but i think its quite a nice neat bump (but im probably biased!).

    From the sounds of other people's posts on here, i think we may have to get used to the comments!! :roll:
  • i'm getting sick of it too - depending what mood i'm in i can really take it to heart! i'm 23wks +2 so still got loads more to put up with! i hate it when people just presume they can feel my bump - the next person - i shall just grab their boobs and make comments about them!!
  • I dont understand people touching pregnant womens bumps. I saw quite a heavily pregnant lady last night in Morrisons, i would never dream of going up to her and putting my hands on her belly!

    I dont mind my close family or friends touching my bump and its mainly my little niece who strokes my tum for ages but i wouldnt like a stranger rubbing it. I think i might feel uncomfortable if work colleagues did too but so far no-one has.
  • I think I would have smacked the cleaner lol Im 39+4 and for the last few months people have been commenting on the size of my bump, how big it is ect and am I sure it isn't twins. Im carrying a lot of fluid and am having a big baby, I have promised myself NEVER to comment on someone's bump ever again!
  • Girls, I feel your annoyance! I am 20+2 and have a really round, defined bump...tbh I look 7 months! I love it, plus I haven't put on much weight but I am fed-up of 'It's not twins is it?'

    NO it is not twins - leave me alone. I've been called fatty as well - by members of my family too! And they can't get enough of prodding and poking me, & talking to my belly! It is nice but I will be so sick of it in the coming months lol x x x

  • I hate it!! im just 29 weeks and am all out front (think have put on about a stone and a half) and people seem to delight in telling me "my god ur gonna be huge, u sure its not twins?" Thankfully, no-one apart from oh has tried to touch my bump yet - I think I would kill them!! Im not a touchy feely person at the best of times and at the moment i hate being touched by everyone - i feel itchy and hot!! think i might be a bit weird, but i hate people invading my personal space without being invited (if u know what i mean)
  • thats exactly how i feel angelbabe! what with comments about my bump and then ''o know i wouldn't find out the sex - keep it a surprise'' i am definitely getting grumpier by the day!! ha!
  • Yesterday i said the next person who says to me you're still here then? is gonna get told "No, i'm a figment of your f***ing imagination" and i did, now it's the next person to grab my bump, they are gonna get punched (not normally a violent person but these hormones...!) excluding the mw of course as i'm off to see her in a few minutes!!

    The comments do only get worse i'm afraid, and i also will never comment on bump size to anyone else ever again!

    4days till Due Date!
  • I am only 13 weeks so no definate bump yet, though my belly has popped out. Think its bloatedness. When we told My ohs family (at 7 weeks) his uncle stroked my belly even though as he came towards me i siad "please dont, theres nothing there yet" he bloody pushed my hand out of the way and did it anyway.....i will be staying way from him as i get bigger!!

    My friend said people would say things like " ooh your face is getting round" why is it ok for people to say these things when they wouldn't dream of saying it to a non-pregnant lady!

    cant wait for my bump, but dare anyone spoil it for me by calling me fatty, i will tear shreds off them!!!!!
    x x
  • It never ends, your either too big too small, its a bit high, it looks really heavy, you look so uncomfortable, how are you coping in the snow, ice, rain or heat? and then you get people who tell you your life is nearly over because your having a baby, and you'll have no social life, no money, no sleep..... the best thing to do is ask when they're due it works especially well on people you know full well aren't pregnant, either that or say fuck off not interested, your pregnant - you'll get away with anything!
  • i like that claire!! i shall save them comments for the in-laws at xmas image
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