I've heard your not allowed a home birth if it's your first

Is that true, I thought if things were ok, then it was allowed. Any advise.



  • Hi hun

    I have no idea, I have actually heard this as well but I can't see how they can say no if you have had a problem free pregnancy and everything looks ok if that is what you really want?

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou

    I hate hospitals, if everything was ok I'd love to have my baby in my own environment. I dought I would be allowed anyway as I am only 5ft1 and just over 7 stones, plus I was a prem baby born 3 months early. Early days, just have to see how things go.


  • thats not true in wiltshire where i live as i am due tommorow with my first baby and we are all set for a home birth image
    my midwives have been amazing and i was adament i wanted baby at home if possible.
    I was told as long as the pregnancy went ok it was promoted here to have a home birth.... so my pregnancy has had no complications and am now all ready for my first baby at home.

    what area do you live in? and i hope this helps and good luck with your pregnancy and talk to your midwives many are very supportive of a home birth.
  • Yeah I live in Essex, Nr Witham, a friend who comes uder nhs in chelmford, also the same as me said she was not allowed. Will ask when I know more.

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  • Just see what your MW thinks when you go for your booking in app, I would love to have a home birth but rent so don;t think that would be a good idea plus my front room is so small I doubt I would get a birthing pool in there image

    K xx
  • thats not true... if you are high risk then they dont like you to have a home birth but if your pregnancy has been good then theres no reason why you cant have one. obviously some midwifes are more supportive than others, but i shouldnt imagine it would be a problem xx
  • Hi

    It's not true as long as your pregnancy is going well there is no reason not too have a homebirth. Some midwives don't like it if it is your first but ultimately it is your decision and they cannot refuse simply on the grounds that it is your first baby.

    Have a look at www.homebirth.org.uk. There is loads of info about homebirth on there and even a section about if it is your first baby
  • its my first I'm in Kent and I'm planning to have a home birth, they encourage it in my area! obviously they monitor you throughout anyway and if there is any problems then they prefer to take you in but its entirely your choice image

  • Bec and Emily the link to homebirth does not work at mo, but thanks anyway.

  • thank you got it to work now.


  • Hi hun, I had my first at home and it went really well. I also have two friends who also had their first babies at home so it's not true.

    Good luck with what you decide. x
  • Hi rebecca

    you are definitely 'allowed' a home birth even if its your first as long as no complications and even then its your choice. You may have to push a bit harder though if midwives seem a bit anti it. Think from Jan 09 gov has pledged all women able to give birth where they choose which presumably includes home birth.

    I wanted home birth from beginning but had to really fight for it because of having a heart murmur-they originally wanted me on labour ward with IV drip! After numerous tests they found didn't need this but would prefer i went into birth centre. My midwife was very good and said could still have home birth if wanted and would be if OH wasn't so worried- said I would compromise this time.

    A word of warning though-my friend was all set up for home birth-no complications through her pregnanacy. Then went into labour and phoned for a midwife and they said there weren't any so she ended up in hospital. I have since found out that just means none free on ward but there are some on call so you may have to be a bit pushy to get what you want.

    Good luck X
  • i think it all depends on whether ur considered to be high or low risk on the basis of family history and illnesses etc, much the same as if u want to go to a midwife led birthing centre as opposed to a consultant led hospital ward. if u wish to have a home birth then u'll need to mention it to ur midwife at ur booking in appointment as many of the other questions she asks u then wil affect the decision. also even if they give u the go ahead initially it wont guarantee that it'll happen depending on if any complications arrise during pregnancy, at what length term u go into labour if induction is needed u'll need to go into hospital not even birth centres can do those and also if the nhs trust u come under has the provisions to cope with a homebirth bearing in mind that for a home birth 2 midwives need to present.

  • Hi, if you're low risk you shouldn't get any opposition for a home birth - your NHS trust is duty bound for a midwife to attend you in labour. I tried for a home birth with my son - I had to transfer to hospital in the end as he got stuck, but all went well and I definitely feel it helped me being at home and relaxed for much of the labour. Here's a link to AIMS, who have lots of info on home birth and your rights: http://www.aims.org.uk/. If you look under "Articles" on the left hand side of their page you'll find good info on getting a home birth. I wrote to Director of Midwifery at my hospital last time and copied it to my MP with a covering letter as at one point it wasn't clear if midwives would definitely be sent to attend me, and got good results as a couple of senior midwives came to our house to reassure us. Just be prepared to stand up for what you want if necessary. I hope you get the birth you want xx
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