How long does it take to 'become pregnant'?

I wondering if you can help me.
I am wondering how long it takes from intercourse to actually become pregnant.
My situation is my partner and I were seperated and on 4th October she slept with someone else.
She started her period on 6th October, we later got back together and slept together on 15th October (just after her period had ended). She is now approx 2 months pregnant and after an ultrasound it had estimated that she had become pregnant on 18th October. My main question is who is the likely father..?


  • as far as i was aware it was as soon as your wee men found there way and the open door so to speak,by the sounds of it and the dates your the dad
  • thanks for that - yeah I've been looking around the net for information tho gets confusing to how long the actual process takes. Usually states 2-3 days for the 'wee men' to reach the egg but then some sites explain about egg travelling for another 10 days or some, thats why I'm concerned :S
  • yeah was thinking that myself but i'm sure they die off after a week or something like that,dont no where i was told that,sorry if i wasnt much help,but i do think your the daddy
  • Hiya,
    It is more likely that you are the dad as the time she had sex before was only 2 days before her period and that would be too late in her cycle to conceive I think, plus she had a period since being with him, so it lookes good for you hun!x
  • yeah I read that if they dont reach egg after week then they die off. Ah, you made me relax alittle - many thanks for that image
  • is it your first?
  • yeah lol - being a guy makes the cycle, etc beyond my understanding I thinks. But certainly what your saying makes sense - thanks!!! image
  • yeah it's 'our' first, so alittle nervous/exciting!!
    No doubt i'll be posting more treads for advise soon!! :P
  • well dont relax to much pal,your going to be a,stay positive and i hope everything goes well for you both lisa x
  • from what i udnerstand you would be the father as mentioend . Whe she had intercourse with the other guy the lining of her womb would have already started to breakdown. Try to relax about it now and enjoy the build up to the build up to the big day image xxx
  • seems all good news - I'm glad I posted on here.
    As said being a guy I don't alot about the process as you do.
    Just wanna say thanks to all who have posted - all smiles now image to look forward and prepare myself for it! Thanks again x
  • Yeah you definately are. She had a period in between so its got to be certain. According to my books, sperm live about 5 days and wait for the egg, to arrive in the fallopian tube so it isn't usually they case that the egg is there and waiting, the sperm waits for the eggs and lives much longer than the egg is in the right place for which is usually about 48hours i think . As i understand it, conception usually takes place a few days after you have sex. Congratulations!
  • image wow thats really good to hear! thanks a million
    Going to be hard but the end result will be worth it!!!
    thanks!!!!!!! image x
  • Hi Mouse313

    You are without question the Dad, When Me and DH were TTC the DR told us that there is only a 12-24 hour time limit in which the female egg lives.

    When your partner slept with this other guy it was 2 days before her period and her womb would have already started to break down. And the time when you both 'did the dead' matches perfectly with the scan.

    Congrats and I hope you both enjoy the pregnancy.

    (sorry if I repeated anything other people have said I didn't get a chance to read through all the posts)

  • thats fine, it's exactly what I needed to hear - so again thanks for that.
    Hope all is well your end x
  • i'm not gonna say anything other than congratulations ur gonna be a daddy! enjoy it, their precious things and will bring such laughter and fun itno ur life. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey mouse313 - i have to agree with all the other ladies - my opinion is that you would be the dad as for all the reasons stated by the ladies above !! congrats hun and good luck - best wishes to you and your partner !! =]
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