I'm in pain!

I'm really worried that something is'nt right today. I'm having strong pains in my lower tummy. This is my 3rd pregnacy and it just does'nt feel normal to me. It's feeling like strong period pains or early labour. Am I going to mc? I'm terrified as a friend of mine had a mc last year and she had no bleeding just abdominal pain for a few days which got worse. When she went for a scan they told her the baby had died weeks ago and there was just a sac left. Not sure what to do nxt as I don't want to make a fuss if it's nothing but at the moment I'm really worried something is going wrong. I might leave it till 2muro and see if it's got ne worse by then. Ne advice would be greatfully recieved. At the moment I'm bent over in agony and I don't know if I should take ne thing for the pain? Thank you girls, Sarah x x x (9+3)


  • dnt wait hun! ring your midwife or gp! they will advise you wat you can take 4 def! i had a miscarriege earlyer this year and i didnt bleed its was wierd but id always say get checked out!
  • Hi Sarah,
    I'm pretty sure that you can take paracetamol for the pain. Call your midwife or doctor ASAP!!! You might need to be seen, don't wait until tomorrow, do it now.

    It's probably nothing to worry about, but always best to get checked over.

    Good luck and keep us posted, Karys xx (11+1)

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  • Hiya sarah, i would ring your midwife who can put you in touch with the early pregnancy unit. Never leave it till tommorow because thats what they are there for. I had pains yesterday and went to hospital, they did an internal and a scan and everything was ok, seens its heartbeat and was told just to take it easy for abit. Or you can go A&E and you should be able to see a gynacologist (Spelling?) there. Hope everythings fine, let us know how you get on xxx
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