Yeeee haaaa have finaly hit double figures!!!!!

Getting even more excited now as i've hit double figures only 99 (well actually 98 according to BE counter as its past midnight!!!!) days to go and i can't wait to meet the little person inside of me that is so expertly using me as kick/punch bag!!! :lol:

OOOOh i feel like a kid waiting for santa!!!!!! :image image image image image image image image

Suzi 25+6 xxxxx


  • oooh i'm nearly there with u, i'm now on 117 days to go, it is exciting, but i don't want it to go too quick


  • I know - how great is it when you hit double figures!!! Im 26+4 so were about the same time - when are you due? Im on 95 days now and my new target is 80 something, going down in tens is exciting now!!
  • i remember getting excited about that too....i now have 3 days to go!! scary stuff lol xx
  • ooh time will go much faster now just you wait and see!
    Filo x
    17 days to go, eek
  • Gosh its great isn't it. Think i may be more a mixture of excited and frightened (translated to bricking it) when i get down to 17 days like you filo or 3 days like you karlamh!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: Not long for double figures for you stephi77!!!!! image

    I know what you mean about not wanting it to go too quick siany as on one hand i really want lo now but on the other i want to enjoy the last 3 months of it just being my hubby and me as it wont b like that again till lo moves out!!!!!

    Hey Anna Marie - my due date is 24th feb, im bang on 26weeks today! image

    Suzi 26wks xxxx
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