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Nice and Different ways to tell the Grandparents to be?

Hi ladies
So I have changed my scan to This only 3 days till i get to hopefully see my baby and tell my parents!
I am so excited!
So can anyone help me think of any nice or different ways to tell the first time grandparents to be??



  • We're going to get a Grandparents guide book for my OHs parents. We're going to wrap it up and then see their faces when they open it!! Hehe.

    It's such an exciting time! Good luck at the scan!

    Gemma xxx

  • We are going to cornwall for a week so will bring the usually box of fudge back and will pop the scan in the box so as they open it it will be on top!! cant wait!!!

    Or - you could just casually drop into converstaion, are you free September ?? becuase thats when our baby is due!!!

    Gemstone, loving your idea!
  • We gave my mum and dad a card saying congratulations on becoming grandparents!
  • Wow i cant believe you have managed to keep your secret from your parents (we told ours both times as soon as we got out bfp)
    My sil sent my mil & fil a bunch of flowers with a card and a scan pic saying i cant wait to meet you in january... i thought that was nice.
    Good idea about the book and the card too.
  • We sent ours a card with a copy of a scan pic in it and a message from the baby introducing itself..... guaranteed to have them jumping up and down and running to the phone to call you! image
  • Hi
    I don't live near my parents so was going to email them!
    The topic was going to be 'christmas present' and then a message saying 'look what we got for christmas' and the scan pic attached! We conceived christmas week.
    Lilou x
  • send them a valentines day card complete with scan pic inside!!
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