I'm planning on bf but if it doesn't work out just wondering how many bottles of each size I will need? Also what teats should I get, they seem pretty confusing to work out!


  • I wouldn't bother getting the 4 or 5oz bottles, just the 9oz ones. It won't be long before your lo is drinking more than that so they're pretty pointless.
    Any bottles you buy will come with the first size teats which are fine for newborns. But as your Lo gets older you'll need to buy size 2 teats that flow a bit faster but that's not till about 2 or 3 months old xx
  • I would say to buy 2x 150ml and 4x 260ml bottles. When the baby can drink some water the little ones are handy again. Like tiger lily said all bottles come with first size teats anyway then you can buy next size as they get older.

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  • I've got three 4oz and three 9oz as I also plan to breastfeed and only express once a day for hubby. I bought two of each and then got 2 free with my steriliser.

    How many bottles do you need if you exclusively bottle feed?

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  • I have tons of bottles, even though i'm planning on breastfeeding! I have 2 4 oz bottles, only because they were free with sterilizer otherwise i wouldnt have bothered as like the others say they grow out of them so quickly! They are ok for giving water later on though, although by the time lo needs water they would probably be able to take it from a sippy cup. I have 8 (yes, eight) 9 oz bottles, 6 tomee tippee ones and 2 NUK ones that my mum bought as the teats are meant to be really good for babies who are mix fed as mine will be. I must admit i like the NUK ones best, they have really cute pictures on them!
  • Thanks. I've got two that were free with the steriliser I'm guessing these are the 4oz ones so I'll just get 6 9oz ones.
  • i've no idea what i've just bought - i don't think they are the smallest ones though - i bought the tommee tippee ones that are in the sale in Argos image They have come with the first size teats though.
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