Trying to make myself feel better...

I am just about to start Month No 3 of TTC (AF got me this morning) and wondered if you ladies could tell me how long it took you all to fall pregnant.

My cycles are text book - 28 days, OV on day 14/15 (pains, ewcm, temp drop the rise straight after etc) and my period seems normal so just wanted to reassure myself (and my OH) that even others with 'text book' cycles and nothing wrong (obviously assuming nothing wrong at the moment - my moto is keep positive and assume we are healthy until we have the cross that bridge) still took a few months...

Gemma x


  • Hi Gemma, try not to worry to much babe! I fell pregnant 3 months after I came off the pill, like you everytime I got my AF I was really disappointed but with a holiday then my wedding a week later I sort of put it to the back of my mind and guess what, 1 wk after we got back from our honeymoon I got my BFP! Try and relax and enjoy the baby making and I am sure it will happen for you too! Good luck and hope to see you on here soon celebrating! Tammi xxx
    10 days to go!!!
  • Hi Gemma,
    I had text book periods also and it took me and hubby 7 months to ttc to get our BFP, they say the average is between 6 and 12 months so please try not to get yourself down about it as it will happen.

    Good luck and i hope you get you BFP soon.

  • Hi Gemma, I came off the pill earlier last year in preparation for trying for a baby straight after our wedding in August and I was pregnant by the end of October. So I suppose my pill had a good 6 months to get out of my system before we started trying.

    I also have text book periods and was on the pill for 11 years.
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