Random thought..

Ok, i always worry that if i sleep with my mouth open i will swallow a spider.

The other night i realised i was sleeping with my mouth open and thought that if i did, it would be raw meat?? Pregnant women arent meant to eat raw meat?

It wouldnt cause any damage would it?



  • No it wouldnt do any damage, thanks for making me smile! x
  • Thats a horrible thought!!! am gunna crap misen when i go to bed na! I hate spiders, they scare the crap out of me LOL. xx
  • Lol I don't think there's enough meat on a spider for it to be classed as raw meat.
    Don't worry I'm sure loads of pg women have swallowed spiders and not caused their babies any harm!
  • LMAO!! can i live in ur head? that's awesome!!

    i guess it depends on how big the spider is...u don't have any pet tarantulas do you? lol!!
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