i think im too old for this

hi everyone

yesterday i went to my step bros wedding and had a fantastic time i think it may have been the first time i have been out properly since i have found out im pg (im 24+4) my oh keep smelling my coke to make sure i wasnt drinking as he says i was acting drunk!! i wasnt i was just having a really good time!!!!!!!!!!

anyway it was a free bar so me,oh,2 bros, and bros g/f got cabs there and back so they could all drink (i dont drive) when we got back me and oh decided to stay at my mums as she is away in india so we could have her bed and we could just drive home in the morning

i have just got up and been downstairs and my bro who is 22 has had a mad party and there r half naked 20 yr old all over the place i just didnt know where to look im only 26 but being pg has made me feel atot older 6 months ago im sure i would have joined in with their drinking games!!!!!!!!!!!

so now im hiding in the office waiting to hear some movement from down stairs so i can watch the telly failing that im gonna wake oh up and tell him were going!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • haha, your not too old hun! im 23 and feel ancient when all my work buds are talking about going out and which celebs are looking skinny or fat! My best mates are still going out every weekend and i was knackered the other night after i went with them for a meal!!
    Our routines have changed so much already its hard not to feel like you've aged 10 years! Dont worry though i bet theres a few of you mates who are still partying who look at you and feel jelous about the changes your going through!
    I know i'd much rather be where we are than going out getting hammered and wasting my days off feeling like crap!

    Lis xx
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