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Lucozade and caffeine

Hi ladies

I'm really struggling with drinks at the moment - I used to drink Robinsons squash but the last few weeks it's started making me really nauseous, even the smell of it. I've been struggling the last week to find a drink that I can stomach! I tried some orange lucozade yesterday and it's great and actually seems to help my nausea. However, I just searched online and it appears it contains caffeine (I had a suspicion it might hence why I looked). I really wanted to avoid caffeine as much as possible with my history of mc...but am struggling so much with drinks. How much caffeine is ok to have in a day?

I don't know what to do!! :roll:

Thanks, NN xxx

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  • Hi, saw a thread on this a few days ago. If you just flick through the index you will find it. I was drinking lucozade too a couple of weeks ago because it made me feel better. To be honest, I think you would have to be drinking a few bottles for it to have any effect.
  • I was living on lucazade a few weeks ago as it helped my sickness loads.

    I mentioned it to the doctor and she said it was fine as the caffine content is minimal and as long as i wasn't adding loads of caffine somewhere else not to worry.

    You could try the lucazade waters which i think have an either lower cafine content.

    Lilac* 10+2

    P.s try the apple one its yummy!!
  • Lucozade and coke were the only things I could really stomach early on because of morning sickness, nothing else could stay down.
    I was worried about too much caffine so I started drinking fizzy flavoured water and even though I still rathered lucozade it did help.
  • I found a slice of fresh citrus fruit in tonic water really helped, you could try that if you're worried about the caffeine?

    Hannah xx
  • I think the recommendation is generally up to 200mg of caffeine a day (although some places say 300mg). Mug instant coffee = 100mg, cup tea = 50mg, Lucozade, 380ml = 46mg (see for some other drinks).
    I hope this helps, although I can't suggest alternatives. An odd bottle each day shouldn't matter too much. x
  • Thanks ladies for your input (and thanks blue sapphire for that website - it's really useful!).

    I think I'll just try and limit the amount I have but not stress over it too much. I don't drink any tea or coffee or coke and the only other caffeine I have would be a tiny bit in chocolate, but I hardly ever eat that either!

    Love NN xxx

    Click Here To Read My Ramblings On Living With Loss And Pregnancy After Loss
  • hi i was told to drink flat lucoazade by the consulatant when i was in hospital with hyperemisis, it was all i could drink, also gatorade is good especailly if sicky, xx
  • Hey, 

    I was wondering the same thing. I've done some research and found that doctors recommend not drinking more than 200mg of caffeine a day. 

    In a 500ml bottle of lucozade there is 60.5ml so its way bellow the warning mark.

    However, some people are prone to getting diabetes during pregnancy (It only stays throughout the pregnancy) in which case a big intake of glucose is not recommended. It is normally people who are from outside of western countries like Asia. They often do a test where you drink a glucose drink and then test your blood sugars if you or your parents or maybe even grandparents are from places like Asia. 

    just thought I'd let you know. :)

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