Am I being unfair?

OH is normally so attentive but the past week I have been getting a little bit upset (prob just hormones)... for example the other day I felt really unwell and needed to get showered for my appointment; I asked OH to come and check on me whilst I was having my shower because I kept feeling quesy and light-headed... he didn't bother. I jokingly said 'I worry how much help you'll be when I go into labour'.

Today I finally wrote my birth plan - oops - a bit late at 37 weeks! Anyway, he was standing at the doorway and wasn't aware of what I was doing and I asked him if I could have a minute; I just wanted him to read over it... anyway, he said that the footie had started and would I mind if he went to watch that...

Am I being silly? I imagine the answer is probably yes! I just feel like he should be super-attentive right now. I just keep worrying what he will be like when I'm in so much pain!!

Sorry to rant on!!



  • i felt exactly the same way and my oh was fab in labour, he didnt fuss, he stayed calm, he rubbed my back when i asked, held my hand when i asked got me drinks gave me kisses. put the mouth piece back on the gas and air when i kept pulling it off with my teeth lol!! in the end i had to hav c-sec and he was really supportive even though he was petrified! have faith he will be there when you really need him. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.
  • Hiya,

    You are not being unfair - You're pregnant!! I felt the same when I was expecting. I still took the bins out, cooked, cleaned & worked etc etc up until the day the baby made an appearance. It isn't that OH is lazy but he just doesn't think. Maybe when you're feeling calm you should explain your feelings & hopefully he'll see that right now you need a little more love & care. I'm sure that when the baby arrives he'll be brilliant & support you. Everyone kept saying my OH was going to faint (he's prone to it in queasy situations), but he stayed calm throughout & was the 1st one to hold baby.

    Hope all goes well with the rest of your pregnancy & don't worry about the crazy odd outburst - Blame it on the hormones!! xx
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