i feel so sick

i just really want some sympathy, am just 11 weeks and had thought my sickness was starting to ease but i've been awake since 1.30 this morning with only a few hours sleep. i haven't kept any food down for longer than 20 minutes and i just don't know what to do anymore. i'm also full of cold. I'm sat on the sofa at the minute wrapped up in a quilt with a santa hat on to keep me warm!!! (what a state) i've sent husband to the pub with his mates as i don't think he could cope with any more today

any advice?


  • **Sympathy for you*** lol
    First 3 months are miserable aren't they? I had sickness which I thought was going at about 10 weeks but came back a few times, luckily not much though. If u can't eat u can't eat, just try drinking as much as you can. Water was all that stayed down for me. Have u tried eating toast with a tiny bit of butter as well, cos I found that helped. Hope you feel better soon......
    20+5 x x x x
  • Hiya hun,
    I know exactly how you feel! I can't keep anything down either, and having to cook for my 3 year old and oh is horrible!! Recently I have found that if I just let myself be sick rather than trying not to I feel a bit better and can eat a bit of toast or something after, but it doesn't always work! (sorry if tmi)!!xx
  • Hi your not alone as i feel sick from morning till night the worst time is changing lo nappies! i get hungry i feel sick i go to eat something i feel sick, thank goodness i havent actually been sick as im a wimp and cry cause i hate it, so sympathy to you hun hope you feel better soon
    vikki xx
  • Hi Louisen,

    I have been suffering really bad with nausea for 2 weeks(im 8+4) I went to tescos the other day and got SEA BANDS they are for travel sickness but have been proven to work for morning sickness to. I have felt so much better since getting them on wednesday.

    Hope this helps

    Kerry xxxx
  • Thanks for all of your replies. I've taken the day off work today as i just couldn't face it. I didn't have loads on but had to interview someone and really didn't think it would look good if i had to keep running out of the room!

    i honestly don't know how you all manage it with little ones. I was always convinced that i wanted 3 kids but at the moment, unless i'm having all 3 at once i can't imagine having anymore!

    i've been reading a few of the other posts and while it may all be old wives tales, i've convinced myself i'm having a boy and that's why i'm so ill. My mam isn't really much help as she never had any sickness at all although this is my proof of this theory as there's just me and my sister. no boys no sickness!

    Fingers crossed that it eases soon although i might start loving it soon as i have scan on Friday. i think it's quite hard at the moment because i just feel ill, not pregnant!

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