Veins on boobs!!

Hiya all! Just looking for abit of reassurance!! The past few nights ive noticed the veins on my boobs are really dark and noticeable (They wasnt before!!) So i text a friend as she had a baby 4 months ago and asked if this was normal and she said yes as they are just stretching and my bodys changing etc but aslong as they are not on my legs and if they are speak to midwife/doctor about DVT. Im worried now as on my feet and my arms they are really really dark! And i know they aint usually as alst time was in hospital they couldnt get blood out of me! SO worried!!! xx


  • the veins on boobs are very normal! Unless you've been on a long flight very recently i dont think you need to worry about DVT. If you had DVT your leg would be swollen and painful and very warm.
  • Thanx Gr, I have never flown and they arent swollen or painful, think im just worrying about EVERYTHING!! Thanx for your reply! x
  • Don't worry at all about veins on your boobs- thats how I knew I was pregnant this time round. My veins round and on my boobs actually sit up a bit they are so obvious!!

  • Hi Mikayla, this is completely normal, don't worry hun. It's because of the increased blood flow and also as your body temperature is higher in preg the veins sit nearer your skin. You'll also notice them on your tummy as your bump grows in size xx

  • Hi Mikayla, just to add really, my midwife also said that more noticeable veins are normal cos of increased blood flow and volume. on a (sort of) amusing note, my veins were quite noticeable anyway cos Im so pale I look like Casper the ghost, and now Im 28+4, I look like a London tube train map cos my veins are even more noticeable image
  • Hi Mikayla. I am 13 weeks and my boobs have been very veiny for quite a while now, don't worry about that it's perfectly normal..or so i believe! Also i have several dark veins on my legs (particularly under my knees, around my shins and ankles) which have become very prominant since being pregnant. I am not worried about this as varicous veins are very common in pregnancy, theres so much extra blood flowing round your body its inevitable. Put your feet up and get OH to run around after you for a bit!
    As with anything else though, if your concerned get in touch with your MW or GP.
    x x
  • Thank you for all your replys, i should be 10 weeks tommorow and got my first appointment with midwife so will just mention it. Im worrying about everything at the minute! As for the other half running round after me ive been making him do that since i found out, 5 weeks ago! hehe its fab! xx
  • Don't worry about veins at all hun, I look like a road map of GB they are all raised out of my skin and OH keep using his finger to follow them and find out where they lead ha ha
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