how long left??

morning girls,

today i have reached my scary stage on my countdown i have 49 days left!!!!!!!!!
its scary because when i reached 100 days i told oh and he laughed and said wait till u get to 50 days then u will be scared and now i have and the last 50 days have gone so fast so now im scared the next 50 days r gonna shoot past lol

how long has everyone else got and how r u feeling about it ????

vicky 33+0


  • 37 days left, I'm so excited!! I'm 35 weeks today and it can't go fast enough for me! My first baby was 10 days late though so knowing my luck I'll have an extra couple of weeks to go on top of that!

  • i have 11 days left!! omg!! cant wait!! been feeling very strange last few days, so hopefully it wont be too long now!! good luck every1!!!

    grace and bump xxx
  • I have 34 days left and I'm really scared! I'm not scared about the birth but I'm terrified about being a mum! I keep thinking I'll be crap! xxxx
  • awww tiger lily im sure u will be a fab mum, i actually think i will be crap kids scare me lol
  • awww tiger lily im sure u will be a fab mum, i actually think i will be crap kids scare me lol
  • I have 41 days left, can't decide whether to be scared or excited!
  • I've got 89 days left now, so longer than you guys! I do feel the same as you TigerLily...gotten over the birth bit in my head, but am also terrified of becoming a mum..keep thinking i'm just not gonna know what to do!!
    Sarah xx
  • I have 107 days left so plenty of time to go...LOL! I'm still worried about the birth as I'm a wimp with pain and mil informed me I won't be a good mum (in not so many words). But hey I am going to prove her wrong!
  • I have 92 days left and it is going to go so quickly. I'm terrified of being a mum but not scared of the birth I'm also really worried I will get pnd, which I suppose is an odd thing to be scared of.

  • 37 days left and feeling quite scared aswell. eeeeek
  • I have 65 days left and counting every second, minute, hour of them!!! I have a scan in 3 weeks to see if my placenta has moved, if it hasn't I could have baby earlier.
    I know I shouldn't wish my pregnancy away but patience never was my strong point!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • scared stiff with only 11 days left but desperate to get it over with.
  • 90 days, that doesn't sound nearly long enough and I am starting to panic about having two kids to look after!
  • Around 70 days for me and I'm getting more scared the closer it gets - I'm on my 4th child, but still don't feel ready to take on the responsibility of a new bubs!
  • Iv got 97 days left baby is due on 2nd july, but im likely to be having an elective section upto 2weeks before this date so i cud only have 83days left, ahhh! Its gona go so quick it only seems 5mins ago since i was at 200+days. Kerry xxx
    (stupid baby ticker says 98days but my dates are the same as counter on babyexpert).

  • iv got 22days 2go yay!! im on my 2nd baby he is engaged already image im 37wk tomorrow im hopin ill go early.
    abbie n blue bump 36wk+6
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