Blood Results

Got a letter with my Down's blood test results yesterday

It came back as a 1 in 24,000 risk, which I'm pretty pleased with! I don't have the figures from the other parts of the test yet, but the baby's NT measurement was 1.4mm and I am 24, so I think overall it is pretty low risk

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  • Thats really good news Kimmy, I'm glad you got good results! Are you getting a bump yet?

    We didn't have the tests so only time will tell for us! x
  • There is a bit of a bump there now! It's so hard to see yourself objectively isn't it though? So if I think there is a bump or my boobs are growing I have to ask H2B what he thinks because I just can't see myself like that. I should really start measuring round my tummy!

    Do you not get the tests where you are or did you just choose not to have them? I only had them because I did what I was told, which was, go and get a blood test on this particular day!

    14+5 x
  • All of a sudden you will have a proper bump and there will be no avoiding it! image

    We chose not to have the tests as we knew we wouldn't have had the amnio if we were high risk...

  • To be honest neither would we! x
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