Sea Sick Wrist Bands

Has anyone tried these? I'm suffering really bad with sickness (all day not just morning). Midwife reccomended these motion sickness bands that you wear on your wrist. I've purchased a pair and have been wearing them - they seem to be working but not sure if this is a case of mind over matter or they actually do work....

Has anyone else tried them?


  • i had really bad morning sickness well all day sickness hypermemisis and well they didnt work for me!!
  • iv just bought some just in case my ms kicks in soon,they really r supposed to work wonders for mild/moderate ms, they wouldnt work 4 hypermemisis, as this is really very servere and i guess only antisickness drugs could work for that if anythnig !
    let me know how they keep working for u hun, i dont wanna have wasted a tenner lol
  • Well after eating it helps! I'm managing to keep more food down.... haha

  • I had these in the first trimester and they were great!!!
    I got sick in the evenings and wasn't able to eat dinner but this eased it so much - I would have been a skeleton if I didn't have them!
    you have to keep trying with them though as they might not work the first time you put them on.
    good luck!!!
  • I bought some and they worked really well!! Used them throughout both my pregnancies in the early stages!! They really are brilliant!! Thoroughly recommend them

  • i'm using them and won't leave the house without either wearing them or having them in my handbag just in case! i've been sleeping in them too lately. xxx
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