One of those days....

hey all,

I am having a totally bad day where I feel like I am going slightly crazy!!!

My oh has gone away and I am at home with our 2 year old. I am feeling really stressed and anxious about a couple of stupid things that I know if I told anybody what they were they would say I am being irrational.

I just don't feel like I am coping today, I feel like there are so many pressures on pg ladies of what to/what not to do and I am stressing about it!!!!

Sorry, I all alone here and need to vent.



  • no probs huni thats wot we r eya 4!! is there anythin i cud help wiv? big hugs.
    luv clare.x.
  • Thank you.... well I will tell you whats troubling me but I think you will think I have gone a bit cuckoo!!!!

    I have no major concerns with pg but the one thing that really stresses me out (its gonna sound mental) is toxoplasmosis. I read some articles on it and totally freaked myself out.

    Anyway, we've recently moved to a hot country with lots of stray cats (not as bad as it sounds) and my anxiety has gone up. The recent thing that has triggered it is this...

    My daughter was playing in the garden with some water and it got mixed up with some soil. When she finished I took her in and showered her off, she wouldn't let me wash her hands very well but i did get some water on them. Next thing I know she was playing with my toothbrush, I made a mental note to give it a wash before I used it. Anyways my pg brain totally forgot this when I went t clean my teeth until too late. I went out to the garden to the spot that she was playing in and there was what looked like dried up cat poo.

    I have TOTALLY freaked myself out. If somebody told me this story I would think they were being totally irrational but somehow I can't shake off the anxiety.

    Sounds nuts eh!!!! I feel like I am going mental today as I feel anxious about it. It keeps going over and over in my mind.

    I guess I need somebody of sane and rational mind to look at the facts and tell me to stop being a d*ck LOL!!!

    I'm not crazy honest... just having a moment image
  • u arent crazy huni !!!!i woz the same when i woz pg.u worry ova everything!! but i think it is very rare .and u should try not 2 worry 2 much and enjoy ur pg im sure everything will b fine !!
    luv clare.x.
    p.s lucky u living in a hot country!!lol!
  • Hey, you sound a little like me when I get stressed out. If I'm anxious or under emotional strain I often fixate on one thing and worry worry worry about it - when in actual fact it's the sum of all my different thoughts and anxieties that have made me so wound up in the first place.

    If you're anything like me totally emptying my head (maybe by having a sleep, or going for a walk somewhere peaceful) is the best way to get me on an even keel again. I know this is easier said than done, though - I'm going through something similar to what you describe myself at the moment and I can't seem to relax properly for love nor money :roll:

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • LOL... bet you hadn't asked now. Welcome to my nutty world (i'm not like this all the time honest!!)
  • yes PT you are totally right that's exactly what it is like for me as well. I think the reason that I have fixated on toxoplasmosis is cos everything i read says that unless you do a blood test you don't know you have it but the consequences can be severe... that just freaked me out!!!

    What is going on with you?

    I think I will get a blood test done but it wont be for 3 weeks as thats how long it can take to show up.

    I can't believe how nutty I sound. What's happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Oh, nothing in particular going on with me - it's just suddenly everything has got on top of me and I feel a bit panicky. :\( I know it's a combination of a lot of different things. I also know I'll come through it, but it's horrible waiting, isn't it.

    I also feel like I'm going totally nuts.... you're not alone!

  • Yeah it is horrible waiting!!

    I just need somebody to look at what is stressing me and look at the facts and make a rational/irrational concern call... normally my oh would do it but he's bugared off for the weekend
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