People keep being nasty to me!

Hi girls

Not posted for a while as I've been away but I've been reading up as to how you're all getting on!

Today, the fourth person in two weeks has had a massive go at me for no good reason, knowing that I am under 12 weeks pregnant!!! Two women at work have had a go at me and been very unprofessional about some of my work which my boss has deemed is more suitable for them to undertake. A neighbour sent me the rudest text I have ever received having a rant about how dh and I don't recycle enough (like it's any of her business!) and we were on holiday last week in a cottage when the owner had a massive rant at me for having parents/brothers in law round for lunch (in the cottage rule book it said visitors were OK as long as not staying overnight). The place was spotless during/after the meal! What did they think - a pregnant woman would decide to go on a bender and have a wild party?! We left three days early and it ruined our last holiday alone together.

What is it with these people? I've never known so many people to be nasty to me since becoming pregnant. Do people not remember or care that you are pregnant?

Argh! Not really sure if there's anything further to say but just needed a rant! :x :cry:


  • sending you hugs and big cheesy smiles image xxxxxx
  • Aww hun thats awful! Those nasty cows in work are prob jealous of your impending bub, and as for that nosy neighbour tell her to get stuffed!

    Sorry your hol was ruined tho, thats something you wont get back and if I were you I would write a stiff letter of complaint to the cottage owner, pointing out what it said about guests in their book. Did you book it privately or through a cottage hol company? cos if it was through a company, write to them too along the lines that you will never use a cottage on their books again, and neither will any member of your LARGE family or circle of friends!

    Apart from that, hope you are well and dont let 'em stress you! Smile serenely. It really winds people up if they think they are not getting to you! xx

  • Oh bless you hun.x
    Sounds miserable. Still,we all love you so come and hide in here and shut those nasty people out. :lol:

  • I tend to find people have MORE of a go at you when you're pregnant! I have no idea why! (Or maybe it's just hormones and in my imagination.)

    Anyway dont let the bastards get u down and keep smiling, I would ignore the cows at work as it'll only make them look bitter hehe. And as for the nosy neighbour tell her to mind her own business. xxxx

  • I'm sorry to hear your having a horrid time, I can only re-iterate what others said and definitely complain about that holiday cottage!

    I'm having a horrid time at work too, and agree maybe they are jealous or maybe they want to make me quit, but no way - I have lots of baby stuff to buy and need that Salary as long as possible.

    So its very much a case of don't let the B* get you down! x ;\)
  • Thanks for all of your very kind replies. I felt really upset yesterday all day about it and just wanted to climb into the PC and spend some time with all the lovely ladies in here who are nice! We have complained about the cottage and I've written to the manager of my department about the two people at work.

    I cheered up a lot last night as had a Nuchal Translucancy Scan and saw my baby again jiggling around. The results from the scan alone were very good and the consultant said from that I had a 1:6000 risk. We're waiting on the bloods but he said it would be very unusual for those to now show a high risk. So that was good news.

    It's also quiet today at work so things are a bit better here too.

    Sammie - things are much better now - I had a scare whilst on holiday - some brown spotting for a day which was very unusual for me as not had anything like this so far. Paid for another private scan (!) to check things were OK and they were. Consultant who scanned me said sometimes people get spotting when the placenta is forming and thought that is what it was. Morning sickness mostly gone now unless I get hungary and tiredness seems to be subsiding a bit too so that's good news. I'm 12 weeks on Monday so can't wait! Glad to hear you've passed the 12 week mark - I'll post a message in the Oct forum (probably tomorrow now) to catch up with everyone.

    xxx big hugs from me and thanks again for all being so lovely! xxx
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